Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Relations

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and Family Relations is preparing students to pursue careers in areas such as but not limited to research, evaluation, children’s programming, children’s advocate and parent-child education. Other career options for individuals completing this degree include managing an in-home childcare center, early childhood director, curriculum developer, and corporate advisor for in-hours child care facilities.

Program Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the Child Development and Family Relations non-teaching program, a student must complete a minimum of 125 semester credit hours with 33semester credit hours in Child Development and Family Relations.

The required courses are CDF 101, 102, 203, 204, 305, 315, 316, 407, 408, 409, and 420; and 29 semester credit hours from other academic areas. These required courses are: ART 101; EDU 310; ENG 260; FNU 101 and 203; HEC 308; MUE 333; SOW 308 and 430. In fulfilling degree requirements, students must also complete 13 semester credit hours of free electives.

A minor in Child Development and Family Relations requires the completion of 18 semester credit hours. Specific course requirements include: CDF 102, 203, 204, and 315; and 6 semester credit hours selected from CDF 420, PSY 400 or 404, SOC 304 or 305, and SOW 308.