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What is (SAP)-Satisfactory Academic Progress?

SAP monitors the academic progress for students receiving financial aid.  SAP is measured two ways; qualitatively and quantitatively.  Qualitative progress measures to see if students are maintaining the minimum GPA
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What is academic probation?

Academic probation is when a student’s cumulative GPA falls below a 1.7 for 12-29 attempted semester credit hours and  2.0 for 30 or more attempted semester hours.  Probation may not
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How do I declare/change my major?

To declare/change majors – initially – we encourage students to speak with CAPS to see which major is a “best” fit for the student’s skills and interests.  From there, we
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When is pre-registration?

The exact date varies from semester to semester.  Persons can contact CAPS or the Registrar’s Office for the exact.

How do I add/drop classes?

A student would have to fill out an “Add/Drop Form” and have his/her primary or secondary adviser sign this sheet before submitting to Registrar’s Office.  If the primary or secondary
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Who is my advisor?

1st-time freshman, continuing freshman and transfer students with 30 credit hours or less and any student who has not declared a major, will be assigned a CAPS advisor.  Students with
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