Kentucky State University and Frankfort Independent Schools (FIS) partnered two years ago to provide access to college credits and the chance for high school seniors to graduate with an associate degree and a high school diploma.

That partnership yielded its first group of high school students graduating with high school credit and the first student to graduate with an associate degree from Kentucky State and a high school diploma from Frankfort High.

According to the Frankfort State Journal, Will O’Bryan is the first from Frankfort High to accomplish the feat.

“If a person wants to go on to college for four years, whether it’s Kentucky State or another college in the commonwealth, they have two years under their belt,” President Brown told the State Journal. “That can mean less student debt and quicker entry into the workforce.”

FIS Superintendent Houston Barber told the State Journal that 100 percent of the graduating class had some form of early college learning.

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