Kentucky State University officials celebrated its 133rd year as an institution Oct. 11 as part of the Founder’s Day Convocation.

Michael N. Weaver Jr., the 26th Mister Kentucky State University, said Kentucky State has and always will have a permanent impact on the lives of many.

The Golden Class of 1969 was honored as part of its 50-year anniversary, with Dr. Gerald W. Patton providing the class response. The class bequeathed an annual memorial scholarship for qualified students.

Richard H. Graves, president of the Kentucky State University National Alumni Association, brought alumni greetings and recognitions.

“Because of you – alumni, faculty, staff and students – Kentucky State University is not just the talk of the city, but the toast of the town,” Graves said.

Graves also presented Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II with acknowledgements from Senator Gerald A. Neal for President Brown’s accomplishments so far as president.

Dr. Derek F. Greenfield, vice president for Student Engagement and Campus Life, spoke on the occasion.

“We must on Founders Day, turn back hands of time. Kentucky State University was there for you at every turn,” Greenfield said.

Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II spoke about the glory coming back to Kentucky State.

“We must build the brand. Claim our heritage. Great things happening on the Hill. Just give us a little while and we’ll be HBCU of the year,” President Brown said. “We are not without our detractors. We installed the Thorobred fountain. We’re laying turf on the football field in December. Our buses are the best buses on the road. Atwood and Hunter are under renovation. The glory is coming back.”

Russell L. Drake, a class of 1984Kentucky State alumnus, delivered the keynote address and encouraged the audience to speak positive affirmations to themselves to build their self-image.

“We should define our self-image and we let others do it for us,” Drake said.

President Brown also presented the 2019 Founder’s Day awards.

Edward L. Powe and the 1970-1972 men’s basketball teams received the Presidential Citation for Excellence.

The Lincoln Foundation received the Jackson Hall Award.

Dr. Luther Burse received the Rufus Ballard Atwood Heritage Award.

Dr. Harrison B. Wilson received the highest honor, the John Henry Jackson Achievement Award.

After closing the ceremony, the Golden Class was honored with a luncheon and Homecoming festivities began in earnest.