The 26th Mister Kentucky State University hopes to bring self-discovery and encouragement for men through a television show he’s releasing soon.

Michael Weaver Jr. recently created a show, filmed at Kentucky State University, called Sliding in the DMs.

“The ‘DM’ part of the title means ‘discovering myself,’” Weaver said. “I find oftentimes that men don’t know who they are or have a hard time accepting who they are. The goal is to get men to be authentically themselves.”

Weaver said he was inspired to create a show because “you rarely see talk shows that have all men that discuss relevant topics besides sports.”

“My goal is to get people, especially men, to focus on the things that make them unique,” Weaver said. “Focus on things like their childhood, relationships and more that have shaped them into who they are.”

Weaver said he also hopes to get people to start thinking about things they’ve never thought about before.

Weaver said recordings of the show have gone well so far.

“I am looking to release them soon to give people around the world something that will help them,” Weaver said. “This project is to help not just our students, but students and people everywhere. We have to start thinking about the big picture and that’s exactly what Sliding in the DMs is going to do.”