A Kentucky State University alumnus is representing his alma mater well with his prosperous information technology career in Washington, D. C.

Kevin Cooke serves as the deputy chief information officer for the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). His duties include providing leadership and strategic direction for the day-to-day operations while providing guidance, oversight, and management for information technology investments that support the diverse portfolio of programs across HUD.

Cooke has over 25 years of experience conceiving, designing and implementing information technology solutions as well as managing resources, budgets, contracts, and programs for federal agencies.

Despite the challenges that come with his occupation, Cooke still has a passion for what he does.

“It has been a good experience that has challenged my technical expertise and my management skills,” said Cooke. “The biggest challenges are dealing with a large staff and a customer base that crosses 19 program areas in about 75 locations across the country. I still enjoy seeing how technology improves the services that HUD delivers to the public.”

Cathy Rosebud, Tava Clay, Valeria Shavers, and Dr. Neville Morgan are a few of the people that Cooke credits for shaping him into the successful leader he is today. He thanks them, among others from Kentucky State, for supporting him during his time as a student.

“So many people at Kentucky State were helpful in developing my education, confidence, and leadership skills. They made me feel that I could compete with anyone and that they were vested in me as a student and a person. I felt supported, and I knew that I could count on them to have my back. I got the academic background and leadership skills at Kentucky State that prepared me for life’s challenges.”

With all of the assistance that Cooke received from the university, it was only right that he become a Kentucky State University Foundation board member and give to the school that gave so much to him.

“It’s important to pay it forward. Three generations of my family were educated at Kentucky State, and I hope my daughter will make it four. Supporting my university is important to me because so many people have helped me, so I feel obligated to give back.”

As Cooke looks to the future, he has two goals. He wants to build upon the success he’s had in his career. His top priority is preparing his 16-year-old daughter, Kyndal, for a memorable college journey.

“Professionally, I want to continue doing meaningful work that helps our citizens and communities. I enjoy assisting to make things better and more efficient for others. My most important goal is personal. My wife Shauna Berry Cook, who also graduated from Kentucky State, and I strive to prepare our daughter for a successful life by getting her a great education and college experience similar to what we had. Getting her that far would be the greatest personal success for me.”