A Kentucky State University employee and alumnus shares a story of hope, faith and beating the odds in his newly published book.

Larry Taylor, a youth mentor coordinator, former football player and alumnus at Kentucky State, tells the dramatic story of his life in his book God’s So Great.

Taylor has experienced many in life, including surviving cancer and raising children as a single parent.

“In 2012, the doctors said I only had 48 hours to live,” Taylor wrote in his author bio. “In 2013, I had a house fire and my family and I lost everything. In 2016, I had brain surgery and was diagnosed with brain cancer.”

Without the grace of God, Taylor said, he wouldn’t be the aspiring inventor, business owner and author he is now in 2019.

“I’m a survivor,” Taylor said. “God’s so great.”

Taylor said he just asked God to help him.

“God used my health problems to pull me out of the real storm: the battle against myself,” Taylor said. “I was fighting and drowning myself. God allowed me to see why I went through everything I did as a kid, teen and a younger adult. Just know that no matter what you go through, God is guaranteed.”

Taylor’s book is available at Amazon.