Kentucky State University Facilities Management announced Friday, Nov. 30 that heat has been restored to Chandler Hall, J.S. Hathaway Hall, Kentucky Hall, the Carl M. Hill Student Center and the Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building.

President M. Christopher Brown II says the customized part for the boiler/chiller system arrived as scheduled today.
“I am extremely proud of the way the campus community came together to assist our students and resolve this matter,” President Brown said, and also thanked students for their patience and cooperation, acknowledging that their safety and health is always a priority. “When students arrive at Kentucky State, we are responsible for their care and we take that job seriously. The campus leadership was able to quickly and efficiently assess the problem, take action and communicate with the campus community to assure that classes and essential services continued for our students.”
Kentucky State University has completed a detailed needs assessment and audit of its facilities. An agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky will assist with the overhaul and replacement of our aging infrastructure to address heating, air, plumbing and other system issues. The University is set to begin facility upgrades in January 2019.