A Kentucky State University professor recently contributed a chapter to a new anthology.

Mary Barr, assistant professor of sociology at Kentucky State University, has contributed a chapter to a new anthology, “Deferred Dreams, Defiant Struggles: Critical Perspectives on Blackness, Belonging, and Civil Rights,” edited by Violet Showers Johnson, Gundolf Graml and Patricia Williams Lessane (Liverpool University Press, 2018).

In “Together We Can Build a Nation of Love and Integration:  The 1965 North Shore Summer Project for Fair Housing in Chicago’s Northern Suburbs,” Barr recounts a little-known, but significant story in the struggle to desegregate housing in Chicago through community mobilization. Barr writes about the Summer Project of 1965, which brought together a diverse group of activists employing a range of strategies to expose and defy discrimination in housing in Chicago’s North Shore suburbs. The campaign ultimately fell short of its hoped-for impact. Barr reminds us that the progress of the civil rights movement has been uneven and that its history in the United States is not merely a history of the American south.