A Kentucky State University partnership with Frankfort High School provides high school students with exposure to subjects such as aquaculture, a subject in which Kentucky State is internationally renowned. 

Kaleb Thomas is part of the Frankfort High School professional mentorship program in which senior high school students engage in a 14-week placement, exploring potential career pathways.

Thomas shadows Dr. Boris Gomelsky’s graduate students, Brandylyn Thomas and Alex Kramer.

Thomas is provided hands-on experience with feeding fish and husbandry of recirculating systems. Thomas completes tasks and activities such as collecting fin clips samples and preserving them in alcohol for genetic analysis, as well as measuring the weight and total length of the fish sampled.

Kentucky State provides mentorship and experiential learning to students through the program. Thomas is the fifth high school senior to work in the reproduction and genetics laboratory at Kentucky State University’s Aquaculture Research Center.

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