The Kentucky State University Student Government Association (SGA) executive board and officers were officially sworn in and installed during the SGA inauguration Thursday, Oct. 11.

“Today we are not transferring power from one administration to another, but we are making a recommitment,” Dr. Jeffrey T. Burgin, Jr., acting vice president for student engagement and success, said. “These promising leaders have made strides to move Kentucky State onward, upward and forward through collaboration.”

SGA President Michael N. Weaver Jr. introduced the members of his SGA Presidential Protégés program.

“Your legacy doesn’t live on if someone isn’t living through you,” Weaver said.

The program is a series of trainings, meetings and conferences designed to groom leaders.

Dr. Kevin Jones, chair of the education department, provided the keynote address.

Jones emphasized qualities of a leader, including integrity, doing your homework, understanding change is hard, seeking out mentors, seeing issues others don’t see, reading, resting, honoring the people they work alongside and being a refuge for the people they lead.

“I would not be here today without Dr. Lucian Yates III,” Jones said, regarding the importance of mentorship. “There’s nothing my mentors can’t ask me. You can’t put yes men and women around me. I want to get better.”

Leaders also stay in their place, Jones said.

“If you are not the president, you can’t be the president,” Jones said. “Stay in your lane, stay in your place.”

Dr. Crystal deGregory, director of the Atwood Institute for Race, Education, and the Democratic Ideal, introduced and swore in class officers. Kentucky State University M. Christopher Brown II introduced and swore in the executive class officers.

Keshawn Coleman and Mario Radford, director of the Gospel Ensemble, provided musical selections.