A meeting to reignite the Bluegrass Alliance of Black School Educators (BABSE), an affiliate of the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE), was a well-attended success recently at Kentucky State University, according to President M. Christopher Brown II, who welcomed attendees to the campus on the hill.

The meeting brought teachers, administrators and superintendents from all over the state to Kentucky State’s campus to discuss the benefits of joining the organization.

The purpose of BABSE, according to Dr. Roger Cleveland, director of The Center for Research on the Eradication of Educational Disparities (C.R.E.E.D. Center) at Kentucky State University, is to decrease the disparity in the educational achievement gap among all student groups.

Enthusiasm for the cause was apparent during the meeting in which Dr. Elaine Farris and Dr. Michael D. Dailey encouraged the group to see student opportunities through the eyes of data.

According to Dr. Farris, BABSE can’t just meet, she said the group has to be a “voice for our students and advocate to build them a culture of success.”

For more information about the next meeting, contact Dr. Roger Cleveland at Roger.Cleveland@kysu.edu.