Kentucky State University is in the process of acquiring an 82-acre tract of land in Henry County that would expand the 307-acre Environmental Education Research Center (EERC).

The EERC creates a collaborative learning facility which connects students, faculty and staff to the environment through meaningful learning activities. The EERC is also open to the public for its environmental educational benefit.

“The EERC expansion would allow Kentucky State’s environmental education programs to increase our offerings to students, school teachers, home school groups, and other members of the community by providing access to more land, an integrated hiking trail system, and an indoor classroom space,” Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez, manager of the EERC, said.

The expansion would increase the amount of time throughout the year the center is available, as well.

“We would be equipped to lead workshops and host visitors year-round, rather than just in the warmer months of the year,” Hubbard-Sanchez said.

The expansion would allow for more research opportunities, as well.

“Opportunities for research for University students, faculty and others would also expand, as the new property contains old growth forest and more access to the Sixmile Creek,” Hubbard-Sanchez said.

The University applied for funds from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board (KHLCFB) to acquire the land to expand the program. The KHLCFB approved the University’s application and awarded the funds to acquire the property.

“In procuring this property, Kentucky State will also be protecting an additional 82 acres in perpetuity, totaling 389 acres of beautiful Kentucky forest that has been entrusted to our institution,” Hubbard-Sanchez said.