New Kentucky State University students began arriving Friday from all over the country for the fall semester.

Students from the Commonwealth, Chicago, Kansas City, Atlanta, Michigan and more energized the campus with their arrival. Bred Week, orientation for new students, began with move-in.

La ‘Deria Lee from Chicago said her experience had been very fun. Lee has family that lives nearby and her grandfather attended Kentucky State. Lee said she intends to pursue a major or extracurricular activities involving music, drama or physical therapy.

Allenia Ponder from Atlanta transferred to Kentucky State to play basketball. She’ll attend orientation activities that run through Wednesday, then immerse herself in team activities.

Anastasia Harris from Kansas City, Kansas made the eight-hour trek to campus and intends to try out for the cheerleading squad.

Josh Graves, from an hour away in Springfield, Kentucky, came to Kentucky State to play baseball. He’s planning on participating in orientation activities this week.

Bred Week highlights include a yard party, a job fair, a pool party, Freshman Confirmation Assembly, daily sessions on college success and Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II’s For Breds Only Bash.