Kentucky State University was recently named the most affordable institution with an online master’s degree in special education by College Choice, a leading authority in college and university rankings. 

“Kentucky State University may be small in terms of enrollment, but it makes big waves when it comes to affordable education,” according to the College Choice website. “Kentucky State works hard to increase the amount of qualified teachers in the state through affordable education.”

According to College Choice, the online Master of Arts in Special Education at Kentucky State is “the best of the best,” targeted toward recent college graduates looking for a certification in learning and behavior disorders.

College Choice highlights program topics such as legal and parental issues in special education; inclusion, collaboration and advocacy; prescriptive teaching; and instructional assessment methods.

“After you’ve completed your online coursework, you’ll be placed into a student teaching position,” the College Choice website said. “This means you’ll work in a classroom for a semester and be shadowed by a professional teacher. When the semester is over, you’ll be more than ready to jump into a classroom of your own.”