The Kentucky State University Board of Regents voted to approve the reduction of summer tuition rates to $125 per credit hour during its recent special meeting. The previous summer tuition rate for undergraduates living on campus was $309 per credit hour.  

“One of our huge challenges in summer school attendance is the tuition rate we’ve been using,” Kentucky State University President M. Christopher Brown II said during the Board of Regents meeting. “Additionally, this version of the budget from the federal government has restored year-round Pell Grants, so students will have Pell eligibility for summer, fall and spring semesters.”

President Brown said the reduction in cost could potentially help the four-year graduation rate, providing an opportunity for more students in the 2014 cohort to complete their degree.

Alexis Anderson, a rising senior from Chicago, said she has taken summer courses in the past and believes the additional credits are important to staying on top of her academic career.

“I believe President Brown and the Board of Regents are wise to drop the rate and hopefully enroll more students in summer classes,” Anderson said.

Perri Smith, a freshman from Louisville, said the lowered rate is a great incentive to take additional courses in the summer. She thinks it could be especially helpful for athletes.

“It will definitely motive me to take summer classes,” Smith said.

Kentucky State, which has a mission to provide access to education, can provide more opportunities for its students through the changes in the Pell Grant program. Nearly 70 percent of Kentucky State undergraduate students were eligible for Pell Grants in the spring semester of 2018.

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