A Kentucky State University police communications officer was among 22 law enforcement dispatchers who recently graduated from the Public Safety Dispatch Academy at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT).

Joey Greer, who has worked for University police for two years, completed the five-week academy and earned certification.
“When going through this academy for five weeks, there was a lot of time away from family and loved ones,” Greer said. “There is a lot of time studying and putting in long hours, which can be stressful at times.”
But, Greer said, he made the commitment for himself and his son, who looks up to his father. Greer said he became interested in law enforcement 28 years ago when he was a young boy.
“I’m proud of Joey’s hard work and his dedication to this agency,” Alonzo Palmer, police chief at Kentucky State, said. “Joey always has a great attitude and he stays positive in his work role.”
According to a state press release, the five weeks of training consists of 205 hours of academy instruction to satisfy mandated training requirements.
Training areas include identifying the role and responsibilities of the dispatcher, correct phone and radio procedures, handling emergency and non-emergency calls for service, emergency medical dispatch protocols and use of the state and national criminal databases, according to the release.
Dispatch basic training is mandatory for any sworn or civilian employee who will dispatch law enforcement officers by radio at a Criminal Justice Information Systems agency, according to the release.
“You make a lot of lifelong friends with not just dispatchers, but police officers,” Greer said. “This is an experience I’ll never forget.”