A Kentucky State University professor recently became designated as an evaluator for the Informing Science Institute (ISI) and has reached a milestone of reviewing his 10th paper submission.

Dr. Charles “Randy” Nichols, visiting assistant professor in the School of Business, was awarded the designation as an ISI reviewer and he now serves as an evaluator of doctoral degree research paper submissions.

“The papers are reviewed by me to see how or if they meet the requirements to be published in the International Journal of Doctoral Studies (IJDS), which is the publication branch of the Informing Science Institute,” Nichols said.

Nichols recently reviewed his 10th submission, “Swedish Perspectives on Small Doctoral Education Research Environments.”

According to ISI, it is a global community of academics shaping the future of informing science.

“While only about 10 percent of submitted articles are accepted for publication, ISI editors spend time providing constructive feedback to help authors learn how to improve the quality of submitted articles and reach publishing goals,” according to the ISI website. “All authors benefit from the review process as a result of this mentoring process.”