A Kentucky State University senior is using skills learned during his internship to launch his dreams.

Phillip Francis, a Louisville native and mass communications major, is interning at Kentucky Educational Television (KET) this semester and plans to use that experience to launch his own show in the spring semester.

“I’ve come up with a show I’d like to start in the spring called Phil The Culture (PTC),” Phillip said. “It will be a live recorded show on campus showing events and topics about the university.”

Phillip said he’s always loved cameras and the power it wields. This semester he’s had the opportunity to operate a camera for the live air show Comment on Kentucky.

He said he’s learned many valuable lessons through his experience, the most important being that it’s vital to remain calm, cool and collected.

“Working in broadcast journalism can be stressful but also very exciting and enjoyable once you get the hang of what you’re doing,” Phillip said.

He’s also learned about teamwork.

“With production, you always work as a team,” he said. “It makes the shows or whatever you’re recording go a lot smoother.”

While he enjoys his time behind the camera, Phillip said he enjoys being in front of the camera more.

“Being in front of the camera with the studio lights on is exciting,” he said.

Phillip said this experience and his time at Kentucky State have solidified his plans.

“I’m certain that after college I’m going to turn this dream and goal of mine into a reality,” he said.

Phillip said he tells people that with the combination of drive, ambition and support from faculty and staff on campus, anything is possible at the university on the hill.

Initially, Phillip said he chose Kentucky State because family members have attended, graduated and became very successful alumni after leaving here.

“I wanted to add to that success and pass it down the ladder,” he said.

When he’s not conquering his broadcast journalism dreams, Phillip is working hard as a student-athlete. He’s a linebacker for the football team.