Kentucky State University has a newly published author on campus.

Joyua K. Jacobs, a financial aid specialist at Kentucky State, is one of 13 independent authors featured in a new compilation titled “I Tasted My Tears Today.”

The book was compiled by Dr. Tuesday Tate and “addresses times in our lives when we had to look at ourselves, face, confront, and tell the truth about why we are where we are and what role we played in getting there.”

Jacobs’ story is titled “I Laid Down My Crown” and is about “how in my love experiences I faced different types of ways love was shown to me in my life,” Jacobs said.

“My desperate hope was to find a ‘true love’ relationship,” Jacobs said. “Unfortunately that resulted in me losing myself in the process.”

Jacobs was ordained in 2011 as an elder and later began Joyua K. Jacobs Destiny Ministries. She is also an entrepreneur. Her goal, she said, is to lead women in business and enrich lives.

Jacobs said she believes she has a calling to empower the millennial generation. Her first ministry, she said, was a Bible study for college-age females.

Since then, she has hosted several spiritual empowerment conferences in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

“I Tasted My Tears Today” released Oct. 31. Learn more at