Kentucky State University students, faculty and staff earned top awards and gave compelling presentations at the 103rd Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) meeting at Murray State University recently.

Eight students earned honors at the conference, which was attended by nearly 1,000 students, faculty and research staff from around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Srijana Thapa Magar, Thomas Mason and Sathya Govindasamy earned first, second and third place, respectively in the graduate-level oral presentations in the agricultural sciences category.

Lydia Millard earned third place for her poster presentation in the organic/inorganic chemistry category.

Madankrishna Acharya earned second place for his poster presentation in the engineering category

D’Andre Garrison and Tori Farrow earned first and second place, respectively, for their oral presentations in the undergraduate geography category. Oguz Sariyidiz earned second place in the graduate-level geography category.

Attendees from Kentucky State University gave 60 presentations. Eleven undergraduate and 22 graduate students presented their research efforts at KAS, including D’Andre Garrison, Cora Teets, Jordan Wilson, Madan Acharya, Demetrius Davis, Tori Farrow, Vanetta Graves, Michael Greiving, Kelsey Huff, Vincent Kelly, Lydia Millard, Ellyn Anthony, Bisola Asaolu,  Mamata Bashyal, Aman Bhatta, Sujan Bhattarai, Alishea Brown, Meika Finger-Gray, Sathya Govindasamy, Jarod Jones, Saaruj Khadka, Gagan Kolimadu, Thomas Mason, Bijesh Mishra, Lusekelo Nkuwi, Ashmita Poudel, Brandon Preece, Ian Ries, Oguz Sariyildiz, Sait Sarr, James Schwartz, Amit Sharma, Srijana Thapa Magar, Yogendra Upadhyaya and Amit Yadav.

Attending KSU students, staff and faculty represented the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems’ Agriculture, Food, and Environment undergraduate degree program and its master’s programs in Environmental Studies and Aquaculture/Aquatic Studies, as well as the Division of Mathematics and Sciences programs in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. KSU staff and faculty presenting, judging or assisting at the meeting included Dr. Habte-Michael Ande-Michael, Dr. George Antonious, Ashley Bates, Dr. Frederick Bebe, Dr. Robert Durborow, Dr. Maheteme Gebremedhin, Dr. Buddhi Gyawali, Quinn Heist, Dr. Michael Lingyu Huang, Rose Johnson, Dr. Hideka Kobayashi, Andy Ong, Shreya Patel, Dr. Kirk Pomper, Dr. Waldemar Rossi Jr., Dr. Jeremy Sandifer, Dr. John Sedlacek, Dr. Kenneth Semmens, Prabisha Shrestha, Dr. Tilak Shrestha, Dr. Avinash Tope, Eric Turley, Dr. Changzheng Wang, Dr. Alexander Lai and Dr. Andy Martin.