Kentucky State University (KSU) partnered with Tree City USA, the Franklin County Government, the City of Frankfort, and the Division of Forestry, for a 20-year celebration of Reforest Frankfort.

The University along with many volunteers from the local area joined Saturday, April 1 to plant 2,000 trees Cave Spring Park Sky Trail.

The participants spent the day sowing, and learning about the benefits of protecting natural resources and the benefits yielded from planting trees. The University’s College of Agriculture, Food Safety, and Sustainable Systems’ Environmental Education program has long been a community partner, helping to bring exhibitors to the event.

“KSU’s Environmental Education program has enjoyed serving the Frankfort community the last couple of years as a partner for the Reforest Frankfort event. It highlights our commitment to a sustainable community, productive partnerships, and a healthy environment,” said Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez, KSU State Specialist for Sustainable Programs.

Those who participated enjoyed educational exhibits, live music, free food and T-shirt giveaways and trees to take home.