I was honored to be selected as Interim President by the Board of Regents approximately nine months ago. During that time, I have come to love Kentucky State University, and I have done everything possible to advance the mission and vision of the University. I will continue to work diligently to advance the University as long as I serve as President and even afterward. My hope and expectation is that all stakeholders will continue to focus on that mission as well.

I want our students to continue to seek knowledge. I encourage our faculty members to continue to guide our students in their quest for knowledge. I expect staff to continue to support our students in every way.  Discussions and musings about the presidential search process must not impede any of us from striving to make a better future for the University. No one person, group or agenda should distract us from our true mission, which is to educate our wonderful students.

The University is bigger than me or any other individual. We must not be deterred from our goals. I trust that the Board will make the decisions that it must to move the University forward and I ask you to do the same. I encourage everyone who loves Kentucky State University to not engage in negativity and to move forward together. I believe that we are still racing toward a great future!



Aaron Thompson, Ph.D.

Interim President