The 58th annual Farm City Field Day is being held today in the Southern end of the county at the Kentucky State University Research and Demonstration Farm off Mills Lane. The farm was established in the 1980s and has been growing and changing ever since. This will be a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of what goes on right in our own back yard that many may not be aware of.

Educational tours kick off at 9 a.m. and continue until lunch time. After registering and loading onto a wagon, the first stop will be the Natural Resources and Conservation Service’s Cover Crop plots. In addition to a pen of 4-H Livestock Club show animals, some local alpacas and the KSU goat herd some of the University’s mobile fleet will be on display such as the new Fruit and Vegetable Mobile Processing Unit (FVMPU), Environmental Education Research Trailer and the Thoroughbred Nutrition Kitchen.

Farm City Field Day is presented by the Chamber of Commerce, Conservation District, Extension and Farm Bureau and made possible by over 30 groups and businesses that donate money or services. Over 125 individuals volunteer to make this long running community event happen.

Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.

By Keenan R. Bishop