More than 818 students, faculty and researcher staff members from around the Commonwealth attended the 101st Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) at Northern Kentucky University on Nov. 13-14.

There were 49 presentations from KSU, with only Northern Kentucky University having more presentations. Twenty-seven undergraduate and graduate students who presented their research efforts at KAS included: Andrew Gott, Benjamin Bowman, Beverly Dearborn, Bijesh Mishra, Boniface Amankona, Catherine Croft, Cynthia Rice, D’Andre Garrison, Denita L. Brown, George Pate, Gidgett Taylor, Ian Ries, Jennifer Hubbard-Sánchez, Jeremy Caudill, Jonathan Murphy, Jordan Wells, Kelly Yufeh,  Kristy Allen, Kyle Slusher, Longyin Cui, Melissa Grimes, Monique Frisby, Rebecca Wang, Regina Hill, Srijana Thapa Magar, Thomas Trivette and Vaughan Caine.

burse and science

President Raymond M. Burse, center, attended the Kentucky Academy of Science meet in Northern Kentucky with other KSU faculty and students.

Students, staff and faculty from the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems (CAFSSS), The Division of Mathematics and Sciences Programs in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, as well as the CAFSSS Masters of Science in Aquaculture and Masters of Science in Environmental Studies Programs also participated in the science meet.

Staff and faculty presenting from KSU included:  Dr. Alexander Lai, Dr. Andrew J. Ray, Dr. Andy Martin, Dr. Buddhi Gyawali, Mr. Cecil Butler, Dr. Changzheng Wang, Mr. Eric Turley, Dr. George Antonious, Dr. Hideka Kobayashi, Dr. Ibukun Amusan, Jeremiah Lowe, Dr. Kirk Pomper,  Dr. Lingyu Huang,  Dr. Maheteme Gebremedhin, Regina Hill, Richard Bryant and Sheri Crabtree.

KSU students winning in the various sections included:

Agricultural Sciences

Poster Presentations

2nd place:  Thomas Trivette – Kentucky State University

Agricultural Sciences

Oral Presentations – Undergraduate

1st place:  Rebecca Wang – Kentucky State University

Agricultural Sciences

Oral Presentations – Graduate

2nd place:  Srijana Magar – Kentucky State University

1st place:  Kristy Allen – Kentucky State University

Anthropology and Sociology

Oral Presentations – Graduate

1st place: Jennifer Hubbard-Sanchez – Kentucky State University


Poster Presentations

2nd place: Jordan Wells, Kentucky State University


Oral Presentations – Graduate

1st place: Andrew Gott – Kentucky State University

Health Sciences

Oral Presentations – Undergraduate

3rd place:  Monique Frisby – Kentucky State University


Oral Presentations – Undergraduate

2nd place:  Gidgett Taylor – Kentucky State University