The Kentucky State Marching Band and Commercial Music Ensemble left the crowd wanting more Thursday at the Candlelight Tradition in downtown Frankfort. The annual event is the unofficial kick off to the holiday season in Frankfort, and another way Kentucky State shows off great talent.

“We come here every year, for as long as it has been around,” said Georgeann Burton, a Frankfort resident. She and her husband, Earl, are Kentucky State alumni and proud to say it. “The drumline just gets you,” she said. The drumline marched along Broadway, stopping traffic with their high-energy performance.


The KSU drumline

With vendors and families coming out to have a good time, you could almost expect for Kentucky State marching band to put on a great show.

“They are awesome,” said Earl Burton.

As the attention moved from the band from them to the Commercial Music Ensemble, the singers were ready to give the audience their all. The band played “Outstanding” by The Gap Band and “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes. The crowd was in awe.

“I heard the drums and then the music and had to stop,” said Kandie Anderson, a Frankfort resident. “This is good for the school and interacting with the community … We need this.”

Anderson, who attended to the Candlelight Tradition years ago, said that a big fire broke out but the only thing she remembered from that night was the band.

“From then on I said to myself, ‘I have to get to know Kentucky State University.’”

By Latasia Jones, KSU Staff Writer


The KSU drumline