Kentucky State University’s Student Center Courtyard was all decked out in red, white and blue in observance of Constitution Day.

The event, organized by Student Life and the Office of Regional Stewardship, encouraged students to register to vote before Oct. 5.  Franklin County Clerk Jeff Hancock and elections clerk Amy Taylor visited the campus to help students with registration.


Elections clerk Amy Taylor, far left, and Franklin County Clerk Jeff Hancock help KSU students with voters’ registration.

KSU students also exercised their freedom of expression as they wrote their opinions on constitutional survey boards, which included topics such as the legalization of casino gambling, equal pay for women and the use of medicinal marijuana in the state of Kentucky.

Rochelle Owsley, who is director of Student Life, says that m
ore evens will be planned to engage students in other legislative issues including a program called, KSU Matters.

“We’ll invite state police and Frankfort police because we want to prevent some of the things that are happening in other parts of the country,” she says “…We want to open the lines of communication.”