The National Organic Program recently appointed 16 members to a new Organic Hydroponic and Aquaponic Task Force. Two of those members are graduate students in Kentucky State University’s Division of Aquaculture.


Charlie Schultz

Angela Caporelli is the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Aquaculture Marketing Specialist. Charlie Shultz has recently left his position as a research specialist at Lethbridge College and relocated to Texas as a partner in a commercial Aquaponics operation in Texas. Both are writing their theses to complete the M.S. in Aquaculture at KSU. Both are Certified Organic Inspectors.


Angela Caporelli

The Organic Hydroponic and Aquaponic Task Force task will prepare a report for the Organic Standards Board (NOSB) about the current state of technologies and practices for hydroponics and Aquaponics, as well as how those practices do or not do align with USDA organic regulations. The NOSB will utilize the report to determine the best path forward regarding recommendations on hydroponics and Aquaponics production systems.