Kentucky State University held a series of focus group meetings on Thursday, Sept. 10 inviting legislators and community members discuss perceptions of the University as well as opportunities for growth.

One group consisted of legislators while two others were made up of community members and stakeholders. Each group discussed positive and negative perceptions of the University, general knowledge of its degree programs and research, and offered suggestions on how to move the University forward. The information collected will help to guide KSU through its transformation for the next five to 10 years.

The sessions were facilitated by Lori Garkovich of the University of Kentucky. The information gathered will be assessed by Garkovich and used by the University in its strategic planning.

Some of the key points discussed were promoting the University’s successes and unique characteristics such as its HBCU heritage, land-grant status, prominent Aquaculture program and role in educating numerous state employees.

Attendees also discussed how to take advantage of the University’s geographic location and marketing to broader audiences.