Kentucky State University President Raymond M. Burse delivered the keynote speech at the Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus’ 12th annual Black History Month celebration held Feb. 10, 2015, in Frankfort. Afterward, he was recognized for his personal and career achievements and his commitment to helping others with the 2015 Living Legacy Award.

BHM-3 (2)“This award was granted because he stepped up to meet the challenges of the university and directed considerable talent to the efforts of bringing Kentucky State University into fiscal and operational balance. He is truly the person for this time,” said the Sen. Gerald A. Neal, Senate Democratic Caucus chair, D-Louisville.

This year’s Black History Month celebration theme was “Making the Dream a Reality.”

“Black History Month is a chance to reflect on the resilience and spirit of the African-American community and the unmatched influence its leaders have had on the American fiber,” said Neal, who along with other members of the Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus organized the event in the Capitol Rotunda on behalf of the entire Kentucky General Assembly. “We were honored to have with us Dr. Burse, who has left his own mark on the African-American community, and as we know, Kentucky State University has played a key role in educating many of our leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”