Kentucky State University junior Olivia Burkett says she looked at KSU senior Richard Jackson as they traveled from the National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair, held Oct. 24-25 in Houston, Texas, and said, “Is it just me or do you feel like you could conquer the world right now?”

The students, both criminal justice majors who want to attend law school, met prominent black lawyers and attended panel discussions and workshops on a range of topics, including paying for law school, interviewing for jobs, dressing for the courtroom and overcoming racism in their field.

Burkett says she wrote a letter to KSU President Raymond Burse asking for assistance for herself and Jackson to attend the weekend conference, and the president was able to help them with travel expenses.

“I want to make all the necessary preparations so that I’m able to get into the law school that I want to attend and succeed,” Burkett says.

Both Burkett, who wants to become an international human rights attorney, and Jackson, who wants to become a civil rights or criminal law attorney, found mentors at the conference and have added these individuals to the list of mentors they have accumulated at KSU.

Jackson said giving back was discussed a lot at the conference, and he plans to give back to KSU and its students after he graduates.

“When I leave here I’m going to be a part of this alumni, and I’m going to be a recruiter for KSU,” Jackson says.