A total of 452 Kentucky State University students returned to official academic enrollment as of today, Wednesday, Sept. 10 – one week after 645 students were released from enrollment due to unpaid and largely neglected student bills. The returning students have paid their balances in full or they have registered for appropriate university payment plans.

KSU’s current enrollment is 1,881.

Interim President Raymond M. Burse thanked the university community for understanding the seriousness of the situation and responding when called on to act.

“We have more work to do,” Burse wrote in a Sept. 9 email message to the university community. “I extend my thanks to the students and parents who answered my call for action and accountability.”

The number of released students declined as last week progressed. By last Friday afternoon, the number of students still not making required payments was 346.

“Once students understood that the university was serious about their charges being paid up front, “ Burse said, “a large number of them found resources to meet their financial obligations to KSU.”

A total of 193 student accounts remain unpaid and thus those individuals are not enrolled in classes at KSU. University administrators continued to counsel the remaining released students Wednesday morning on hopefully making necessary payments and returning to classes.

Under Burse’s direction, the KSU Foundation was ordered last month to pay balances for all students whose account balances were less than $1,000 (270 students totaling approximately $148,000. He also ordered that $65,000 worth of scholarships and book vouchers be awarded to 42 students who were poised to graduate this year or were first-time students.

Students with questions regarding their accounts should contact the following offices:

(502) 597-5960 (Financial Aid)

(502) 597-6278 (Bursar)