As of the university’s Sept. 2 deadline to drop students for not making payments to their tuition, board and fee accounts (set up appropriate payment plans and/or apply for financial assistance), 645 students are being dropped for not making the required payments – some students with balances ranging as high as $40,000 stretching from over two years.

“We face a nearly $7 million historic deficit largely due to 645 students that have not paid KSU this fall,” said interim President Raymond Burse. “This is terribly unfortunate, and we must take the necessary steps to protect KSU’s financial stability.”

Burse announced Tuesday that after months of constant contact and financial counseling with those students, they will unfortunately be removed from enrollment this week for failing to meet their financial obligations. This is a process that for some has spanned over 18 months, previously under the direction of former KSU president Mary Evans Sias, who retired in June.

Under Burse’s direction, the KSU foundations were ordered last month to pay balances for all students whose account balances were less than $1,000 (111 students totaling roughly $97,000). He also ordered that $65,000 worth of scholarships and book vouchers be awarded to 42 students who were poised to graduate this year or were first-time students.

“We have done everything we can to help students who need it the most,” said Burse. “The last thing we want to ever do is remove a student from enrollment, but the university cannot endure the entire burden.

“I am dedicated to working hard to take KSU to the next level as an institution, but to do so everyone must do their part and be held accountable,” said Burse.

Releasing the students from enrollment is the final step the university is taking in a process that started in August 2013.

  • Students not meeting their financial obligations were informed by the university about its payment plan 22 times over a 14-month period, including seven times since June 2014.
  • They were counseled 13 times and encouraged to sign payment agreements with the university.
  • Financial aid disbursements were released 10 days prior to the first day of classes, on Aug. 16, 2014, and are ongoing.

University administrators were guiding students Tuesday regarding options to make payments this week. Students with questions regarding their accounts should contact the following offices:

(502) 597-5960 (Financial Aid)

(502) 597-6278 (Bursar)