A KSU student working on a server cluster in the Office of Information Technology.As a female majoring in Applied Information Technology, Krystyna Fisher is venturing into a highly specialized, competitive and male-dominated career that requires outstanding preparation and training. She is getting that preparation at Kentucky State University through her classwork, but also through her participation in KSU’s Green-to-Gold program, which is allowing her to gain hands-on experience while financially supporting her college expenses.

KSU’s softball coaches became aware of Krystyna while she was playing for Contra Costa Community College in California, and KSU subsequently offered her a partial athletic scholarship. So while it’s her love of softball that brought her to KSU, it’s the love she has developed for KSU that keeps her here.

“I really like that KSU is so small, it’s not overwhelming,” she said. “And I love my softball team. They made the transition really easy. We always have great time when we’re together.”

Krystyna notes that Kentucky is quite different from California. “A change of scenery is nice. I enjoy it here. It wasn’t hard at all to get adapted.” The fact that her three older brothers all went away to school made it easier for her to follow their lead. “My family is very supportive,” she notes. “I felt like I had to go away, and I’m glad I came here.”

Her Green-to-Gold work experience – in the Office of Information Technology – is giving her real-world experience in her major, as she works with the network manager to identify, troubleshoot and maintain the university’s information technology system.

“I’m really enjoying working with our network manager, and I am learning a lot,” she added.

Krystyna plans to be at KSU one more academic year, to finish her degree in 2015. “Then it’s back to California,” she says. “I’m looking to get into a job there, and there are a lot more work opportunities in technology back home.”

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