Schedule a TourSince its founding in 1865, Kentucky State University’s students have consistently taken great pride in being part of a small, strong and vibrant academic and social community. This is in spite of – and in many ways because of – our rich ethnic diversity. While our students represent many ethnic and racial groups and all regions of the United States, they and our alumni share a unique bond that spans generations. It is not uncommon to see current students and aging alumni enjoying time together both on campus and off, simply because they share a KSU bond: “We are KSU!”

That bond is formed on KSU’s small and modern campus, where students are engaged and challenged by professors and apply now actioninstructors who care deeply about them. For their part, our students can be seen enjoying time together all over campus. On a recent visit to the student center, for example, a visitor saw a group of young men stepping and stomping together with other students gathered around to enjoy the show. A visitor to the cafeteria finds a similar, but quieter, situation as students gather in small groups laughing, talking and spending time together. Their unspoken message? “We are KSU!”

Of course, our annual Homecoming festivities are meant to encourage KSU alumni to return to campus, and we typically have a great turnout. But our celebration is not limited to alumni. Our current students are fully engaged in the occasion, and they have multiple opportunities to interact with alumni. In many cases, contacts are made that last a lifetime – with alumni often mentoring and guiding current students, and ultimately helping them find their way to a career and full time employment. Working together, they personify “We are KSU!”

Why so much focus on the “We are KSU!” mantra? Because KSU is a small community – tightly knit, highly social, highly motivated and extremely eager to participate meaningfully in each others’ lives .  It’s true: “We are KSU!”

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