The Office of Enrollment Services (OES) envisions and pursues enrollment management as an institution wide, systematic, comprehensive, research-driven, system designed to locate, attract, retain, and graduate the students the institution wishes to serve. OES acknowledges the influence of non-academic factors, alone and combined with academic factors, on student admission, retention, and success, and considers both academic and non-academic factors in the design and implementation of enrollment management efforts.

Assistant Vice President
Enrollment Services

Antonio Boyle
(502) 597-7001
Program Support Specialist and Coordinator of Special Projects

Carmella Conner
(502) 597-5092
Systems Analyst/Data Communications Specialist

Sherri Scrogham
(502) 597- 5908
Systems Analyst/Data Communications Specialist

Keith Wickers
(502) 597-5895
Administrative Assistant III

Rolon Williams
(502) 597-6217
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