Faculty and Staff are personnel employed by the university on or off campus areas. For the purpose of the regulations, visiting professors, cooperative extension advisors, cooperating teachers and administrators, part-time adjunct faculty, part-time staff, summer faculty/staff and others deemed appropriate by the university are considered faculty/staff.

  • Faculty/staff permits (full, part time or temporary summer) are Gold, Magenta, and Silver
  • Faculty/staff VIP must have the approval of the president. Their permit color is Purple.
  • Faculty/staff Reserved must have the approval of the managing Vice President. Their permit color is Blue.
  • Regent: An appointed member of the Kentucky State University Board of Regents. Their permit color is Purple.
  • Agency Employee: An employee who works at the university but is employed by another employer.Their permit color is Tan.
  • Emeritus: A retired faculty and staff of Kentucky State University. Their permit color is Purple.
  • Dormitory Head Resident: An employee assigned as a Dorm Director of one of the university dormitories. Their permit color is Blue.

A student is any individual other than faculty/staff, who is enrolled at the university.

  • A commuter student is a student who commutes to and from campus (this includes full-time, part time, graduate assistants, evening or on-line students).  Their permit is Green.
    • On-line student permit is Green/White stripes.
  • A resident student is a student who lives at one of the dormitories:
    • Chandler/Kentucky Hall permit is Yellow
    • Hunter Hall permit is Black
    • McCullin/Combs Hall permit is Orange
    • The Halls permit is Brown
    • Whitney Young Hall is Maroon

Any individual other than faculty/staff or student.

  • Visitor pass is Light Blue
  • Event Visitor: This is a group of individuals who visits the university to attend a special class or special meeting.Event passes are Red and attendees are required to park at the South Campus, Red Lot. Exception, if an individual possess a valid state handicap permit, then they may park on the main campus regardless if they are parked in a handicap space.

The following passes carry no fee and are issued by the Parking Office. To obtain the pass it must be approved by the parking office.

  • Vendor Passes: An individual or contractor for temporary parking for construction or service.
  • Service Passes: Are issued to university employees who are required to service different buildings on campus. In order to receive the Service Pass, the employee must have purchased a university parking permit (no exceptions).
  • Volunteer Passes: Are issued to individuals who volunteer their services to the university.
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