Welcome to the Division of Student Success and Enrollment Management. The quality of university life is often one of the most significant factors that impacts whether students will complete their courses of study and graduate. The Division of Student Success and Enrollment Management seeks to enhance students’ experiences at KSU by establishing a vital co-curricular program and providing support services that help students attain their academic goals. The Division touches students throughout the continuum of their college experience. Beginning with admission and enrollment, continuing with support services that enhance academic progress, student programming that promotes civic responsibility and emotional and personal growth and culminating with employment upon graduation or the pursuit of an advanced degree, the Division facilitates a student’s journey through the University and beyond. The team includes professionals in each department who have the overall development of students as a priority. By offering students opportunities to strengthen academic, social and leadership skills and enhance career development, we assist them in accepting responsibility for their personal growth and in realizing their educational goals.


Lorenzo L. Esters, Ed.D.
Vice President, Student Success and Enrollment Management

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