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Students must be admitted to Kentucky State University prior to completing the housing application process. All students requesting University housing must complete the following process:

  1. Complete a University housing application (below).
  2. Pay your housing application fee by check or money order, made payable to Kentucky State University. Do not send cash in the mail. Please mail housing application fees to:
    Kentucky State University, Office of Residence Life
    Academic Services Building, Suite 317
    400 East Main Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
  3. Sign the 2017 – 2018 Two-Semester Residence Hall Contract.

As a residential institution committed to student development, KSU requires every full-time freshman and sophomore to live on campus with the following exceptions:

  • Students who are veterans of at least two years of active military service;
  • Students who commute from the home (principal residency) of parents or legal guardian (50 miles or less);
  • Students who are married; or
  • Students 21 years of age and older.

Note: Students will not be permitted to sign a two-semester residence hall contract OR check-in to University housing until they have completed all necessary processes to obtain satisfactory status (i.e. financially, academically, judicially, etc.) with the University.

Housing Application Fees

New housing students must pay a $310 University Housing Application Fee. This fee includes the following:

  • Room Fee: $75
  • Housing Access Control Fee: $50
  • Damage/Maintenance Fee: $125
  • Personal Property Insurance Fee: $60

Rate of $100 for the University Housing Application Fee if they submit a University Housing Application by May 5. (Current housing students who submit their application after May 1 will be required to pay $250 University Housing Application Fee

Accidental Damage Insurance

The University also requires that each resident purchase a Theft, Fire, Natural Disaster and Accidental Damage insurance policy, which costs $60. This insurance policy is an annual policy and
must be purchased each year.

Note: Students are not permitted to substitute this policy with another insurance policy and the $60 insurance fee is automatically included in the $310 University Housing Application Fee.

Housing Application Priority Deadlines

  • Summer Session: May 1 of each year (No Housing Application Fee is required.)
  • Fall Session: Friday, June 30, 2017 for new students

Housing Notifications

University housing is not guaranteed by completing the housing application process. Students who have been granted University housing will sign a two-semester residence hall contract including their housing assignment information beginning June 15. If a prospective housing student has completed the housing application process by the appropriate deadline and the University is unable to grant housing due to occupancy levels, he or she will be refunded the University Housing Application Fee.

Housing Waiting List

Students who submit University Housing Applications and Fees after the above deadlines OR University housing is at capacity will be placed on the University Housing Waiting List. If University housing is not available, students are responsible for making housing arrangements off campus. Students on the waiting list may be offered alternative housing spaces or off-campus housing.

Housing Assignments

Housing assignments are given on a first come, first served basis according to the date the University Housing Application and Fee are received from the student AND the date the student obtains satisfactory status with the University. Every effort will be made to honor a student’s preference of residence hall and room type. However, a particular room, residence hall, or room type is not guaranteed. Room change requests will be considered after September 1 of each year for the fall semester, February 1 of each year for the spring semester, and June 1 of each year for the summer session. Requests are not guaranteed.

Roommate Assignments

Roommate requests are not guaranteed. Roommate assignments will be arranged as necessary. Students desiring to room with each other must do the following:

  • Both individuals must request each other and enter both the name and KSU ID number for the requested roommate on their individual University Housing Application;
  • Both individuals must complete the housing application process within five working days of each other; and
  • Both individuals must request the same rankings of residence halls and room types.

Room Forfeit

A student forfeits his or her assigned room when he or she has not checked into the residence hall by noon the next day after the official Move-In Day. Students who need to check into the residence hall after the deadline must submit a written notice via email to, fax at (502)597-5896, or letter to the Office of Residence Life prior to the official Move-In Day. Failure to give notice of checking in may result in reassignment or loss of assignment.

University Housing Cancellations

When an application has been processed and a contract has been signed for the upcoming year, cancellations can be made before the specified deadline with no penalty. However, room and board charges may be assessed to the student’s account if cancellations are made after July 1 of each year for the fall semester, after December 15 of each year for the spring semester and after June 1 of each year for the summer session. University Housing Application Fees are nonrefundable.