The KSU Career Center offers services to meet the demands of alumni seeking assistance in building their careers. Information provided here will introduce you to many career programs and services available to KSU alumni.

Alumni Network

Alumni Network is a career networking program designed to help KSU students and alumni connect with alumni who can help them advance their careers and explore job opportunities. Alumni Network is not a job bank, but a network of professional contacts in a variety of fields and geographic locations.

What makes Alumni Network Special?

Strategies for finding employment have changed dramatically over the past few years. One of the best and most successful ways of penetrating the job market is through networking with professionals who are employed in specific career fields. Think of Alumni Network as a group of people dedicated to helping each other because of their common tie to Kentucky State University.

You have control!

Once your name is in the database, you may specify how you would like to help. Once registered, you will be automatically entered as a mentor. You are free to change or add roles as you see fit.

How to become an Alumni Network volunteer

Volunteer options include:

  • Mentor: As a mentor you are available to speak with a student or fellow alum about your career field. You may be asked about day to day activities, education, training required, or skills necessary to perform your job.
  • Shadow Sponsor: As a shadow sponsor a student accompanies you through your workday for two to five days during Spring break, Christmas break, or Summer. Shadowing gives the student an excellent opportunity to test a potential career field. He or she may also with to speak with colleagues to receive a broader view of the field.
  • Host of an Intern: As a host of an intern, you notify the Office of Career Counseling and Placement about internships and career related jobs.
  • Job Referral Resource: As a resource, you assist Kentucky State University students and alumni by encouraging your employers to interview job candidates on our campus or to post full time positions with us. A packet of promotional material will be sent to you.

Changing Careers

Are you bored with your job? Are you concerned that your job will end because of layoffs? Is your current career field just not a good fit for you? Do you want to explore a career field that sounds really exciting?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to use Alumni Career Services to help you with your career change. You can: