Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What should I do if I have a problem with a staff person or a professor?

  • Contact the Student Ombudsmen, the Assistant Vice –President or the Judicial Officer.

 2. How do I appeal a grade at the university?

  • Go to the Department Chair, the Dean of the Department then to the Academic Affairs Office.

 3. What if I have a problem with a fellow student?

  • Contact the Hall Director, the Student Ombudsmen or the Assistant Vice-President.

 4. What if I get ill, what should I do?

  • If it is an emergency call 911, if not an emergency call the Health Services Department.

 5. How do I get involve at the university?


  • Go to the Office of Student Life where you can be made aware of what organizations are available at the university.

 6. Where can I go the receive help with a class?


  • Start by obtaining your professors office hours and seek help. A student can visit the Ace Lab.


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