The Student One Stop Shop (SOS) streamlines admission, financial aid, registration, orientation and billing efforts of various departments and divisions within the university.

Vision and Values

The vision of the Student One Stop Shop Division of Student Affairs is based on an historical analysis of the challenges that have been faced by students, faculty and staff at Kentucky State University, and it will:

  • Exemplify a student centered approach to enrollment services in each Office of Student Affairs.
  • Actively engage the redesign of those critical processes that are necessary for student success.
  • To effectively engage the student and parents in the process of the Enrollment Services Area to where the family can become more efficient in the process
  • To enhance the customer service division through the delivery of exemplary student support services through the campus phone utilization.


  • To continue to deliver superior customer services to the best of our abilities to the parents and students.
  • Increase student utilization of technology and alternative delivery options.
  • To sustain retention through the enhanced efficient in the process of the enrollment process by streamlining the admission, financial aid, registration, orientation, and billing efforts of various department/divisions within the university.

The Student One Stop Shop will enrich the educational environment of Kentucky State University by streamlining the admission, financial aid, registration, orientation, and billing efforts of various divisions within the university utilizing a comprehensive enrollment service model.

The SOS implements a triage approach to student centered enrollment services that will effectively:

  1. Utilize technology via a Student One Stop Shop to improve critical processes and promote a culture of self-servicing,
  2. Utilize highly trained and selective Generalist Counselor to promote process-oriented self-servicing as a general mode of student behavior and serve as a frontline for intervention, and
  3. Utilize trained and selective Information Specialist and Auxiliary Counselors to manage and process data and serve as the final tier for process resolution.

Our model will ensure that our students interact more effectively and efficiently with institutional offices.


  • Location: Academic Services Building, Suite 360
  • Phone: (502) 597-5884


8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday