Below are helpful hints that may help you successfully complete your degree program.

Know and Understand the Course Expectations

Get a clear, concise set of instructions; make sure you have a syllabus to understand what is required of you throughout the semester.

Build Relationships

Get to know your faculty, advisors, support staff, and peers. Developing these relationships is beneficial in providing access to support and information. Take advantage of your professors’ office hours.

 Attend Class Regularly

Class attendance can make a difference in a complete letter grade or more in a course. When you do miss class, get proper documentation and consult with your professor regarding missed assignments.

Manage Your Time

Get important things done, be efficient, and keep a detailed (long-term and short-term) schedule. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!  BE PROACTIVE!

Be Realistic with Yourself

Do a complete self-evaluation to make sure you are not minimizing your educational experience. Ask yourself these questions: Are you taking more hours than you should? Are financial obligations increasing your work schedule, making less time for studying? Do you have other problems that are affecting your ability to concentrate? Do you have enough interest in the chosen curriculum to encourage commitment to earning a degree?

Strive for Holistic Success

Exercise, get enough sleep and proper nutrition, have fun, and re-energize yourself. Balanced entertainment will actually help you study.

Use your Resources

ACE offers a plethora of resources to help you comprehend a textbook, learn and practice new material, build your memory skills, help you conquer test anxiety, and study effectively.

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