Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Student Life designed to do for the Student Body?

      Student Life is designed to take care of students “outside of the classroom” by coordinating student activities, student leadership trainings, community service opportunities, and cultural educational seminars and convocations.

 Where is the Office of Student Life located on the campus of Kentucky State University?

   The Office of Student Life is located on the third floor of the Carl M. Hill Center in Suite 320.

 How can a student become a part of a Greek Letter Organizations?

        Students who wish to become involved in Greek Letter Organizations must meet the following requirements, earned at least 30 Kentucky State University credit hours, a minimum of a 2.5 Grade Point Average, and no outstanding balance owed to the university.

 Are there Federal Work Study Opportunities for students to work in the Office of Student Life?

             Yes, students must get in contact with staff members of the Office of Student Life at the beginning of the academic school year.

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