Dear current/potential students:

As the Director of Student Life one of my responsibilities is to promote extracurricular and co-curricular events, which are designed to enhance the educational process and nurture the development of all students into well-rounded individuals and professionals.

Our mission in the Office of Student Life is to educate students for Life, Leadership, and Service to others. Student Life believes strongly in this mission and, therefore, provides ongoing leadership training for student organization officers and future campus leaders; assists student government and helps establish an arena where students can engage in cooperative decision making.

In addition, we have a focus on not only looking at our students where they are at this present time as graduates and professionals. By doing so our mission is parallel with that of the university, to retain and graduate our students. We understand that the Higher Education is a perfect proving ground for the challenges of life and we want our students to be well prepared.

As an alumnus of Kentucky State University, I am proud of the continued dedication our students show to our mission and to our community as a whole. Our students really make a difference.


Garry W. Williams, Sr MPA.

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