KSU’s six residence halls offer a home away from home on campus. Students choose to live on campus, staying in close proximity to academic buildings, computer labs, and other university facilities. Resident rooms are generally double occupancy, but some residence halls offer single rooms, triple rooms, and suites. All rooms have beds, mattresses, wardrobes/closets, desks, chairs, carpeted or tiled floors, air conditioning, cable TV hookups, and Wi-Fi/high-speed internet connections. The residence halls also feature study rooms, kitchen and laundry facilities, television lounges, vending machines and in-house laptop programs.

Residence HallGender RequirementSingleDoubleTripleSuite
Fall/Spring per semester (annual)Fall/Spring per semester (annual)Fall/Spring per semester (annual)Fall/Spring per semester (annual)
ChandlerFemale$2,220 ($4,440)$1,670 ($3,340)N/A$2,120 ($4,240)
CombsCo-edN/A$1,670 ($3,340)N/AN/A
HunterCo-edN/A$1,670 ($3,340)N/AN/A
KentuckyFemale$2,220 ($4,440)$1,670 ($3,340)$1,620 ($3,240)$2,120 ($4,240)
McCullinCo-ed$2,220 ($4,440)N/AN/A$2,120 ($4,240)
The HallsCo-ed$2,220 ($4,440)$1,670 ($3,340)N/A$2,120 ($4,240)
W.M.YoungCo-edN/AN/AN/A$2,120 ($4,240)


Chandler_Hall Chandlerrooms

M. Chandler Hall

Contact us at (502) 597-6256

  • North Campus
  • 114 residents
  • Single occupancy, double occupancy and suites
  • Single rooms measure 8′ x 15′ with a 3′ x 3′ closet built in. A built-in desk runs across the room, with drawers below and two built-in shelves above the desk. A single bed and four-drawer bureau are moveable
  • Double rooms measure 15′ x 15′ and include the same amenities as the single rooms, but have two of each.




Bert T. Combs Hall (Males only)

Contact us at (502) 597-6920

  • North Campus
  • 106 residents
  • Double occupancy only
  • Each double room is 14′ x 14′ and is equipped with two beds with built-in drawers, two desks and chairs and two 3′-wide wardrobes. The furniture is movable.




Ann J. Hunter Hall (Co-ed)

Contact us at (502) 597-6171

  • North Campus
  • 102 residents
  • Double occupancy only
  • Each double room measures 16′ x 19′ and is equipped with two beds, two desks and chairs, two bureaus and two 3′-wide wardrobes. The furniture is movable.



Kentucky Hall (Females only)

Call Us at (502) 597-5952

  • North Campus
  • 136 residents
  • Single occupancy, double occupancy, triple and suites
  •  A double room measures 15′ x 15′, and has two day beds, two closets, two desks and chairs, two three-drawer chests and two sets of built-in shelves. All of the furniture is built-in. The day beds have hidden compartments on the back for storage.
  • A triple room measures 24′ x 15′ and has the same features, but for three occupants.
  • A single room measures 8.5′ x 13′, and has the same features for a single resident.
  • The suites measure 35′ x 12′, and are outfitted for four residents. Two rooms share a common bath, in the middle of the suite. Each resident has a bed, a four-drawer bureau, a 3′ wide wardrobe, a desk and a chair. Each bed has two drawers for storage built-in. All of the furniture in the suite is movable. The bath has two sinks, one shower, one commode and five built-in shelves



James L. McCullin Hall (Co-ed)

Contact us at (502) 597-6973

  • North Campus
  •  97 residents
  •  Single occupancy and suites
  •  Each room has two beds, two desks and chairs, two bureaus and two closets. The bath is equipped with two sinks, a shower and a commode.



Whitney M. Young Hall (Co-ed; GPA 2.7 and above preferred)

Contact us at (502) 597-7800

  • South Campus
  • 150 residents
  • Suites only
  • Each double room measures 16′ x 19′ and is equipped with two beds, two desks and chairs, two bureaus and two 3′-wide wardrobes. The furniture can be moved.
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