The Perkins Educational Scholarship is a one-time scholarship to assist disadvantage students who have demonstrated academic achievement and have a financial need.


The student eligible for assistance must have completed at least 24 hours with a 2.5 GPA by the end of the spring semester.  Award will be applied to fall 2017 balance after all federal and state aid has been applied.  This award is not eligible to be refunded to the student. Student must have room within their financial aid eligibility also to be considered.

To apply, the student must submit a one page, double spaced essay that addresses how they demonstrate excellence as a KSU student. Essays will be evaluated on clarity, content and grammar. To receive the award, student must also show completion of 10 hours of community service by June 30th as well as sign and adhere to the student success contract.  Completion of service will be validated before aid is applied.



Based on need for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Award is one-time and not renewable.


Deadline to Apply: May 31st


Click Here To apply


For questions and additional information contact:

Anthony Bowles, Financial Ombudsman/Scholarship Director

ASB 335