Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff are personnel employed by the university on or off campus areas. For the purpose of the regulations, visiting professors, cooperative extension advisors, cooperating teachers and administrators, part-time adjunct faculty, part-time staff, summer faculty/staff and others deemed appropriate by the university are considered faculty/staff.

  • Faculty/staff permits (full, part-time or temporary summer) are Gold, Magenta, and Silver
  • Faculty/staff VIP must have the approval of the president. Their permit color is Purple.
  • Faculty/staff Reserved must have the approval of the managing Vice President. Their permit color is Blue.
  • Regent: An appointed member of the Kentucky State University Board of Regents. Their permit color is Purple.
  • Agency Employee: An employee who works at the university but is employed by another employer.Their permit color is Tan.
  • Emeritus: A retired faculty and staff of Kentucky State University. Their permit color is Purple.
  • Dormitory Head Resident: An employee assigned as a Dorm Director of one of the university dormitories. Their permit color is Blue.


A student is any individual other than faculty/staff, who is enrolled at the University.

  • A commuter student is a student who commutes to and from campus (this includes full-time, part-time, graduate assistants, evening or on-line students).  Their permit is Green.
    • The on-line student permit is Green.
  • A resident student is a student who lives at one of the dormitories:
    • Chandler/Kentucky Hall permit is Yellow
    • Hunter Hall permit is Black
    • McCullin/Combs Hall permit is Orange
    • The Halls permit is Brown
    • Whitney Young Hall is Maroon


Any individual other than faculty/staff or student.

  • Visitor pass is Yellow
  • Event Visitor: This is a group of individuals who visits the university to attend a special class or special meeting.Event passes are Red and attendees are required to park at the South Campus, Red Lot. Exception, if an individual possess a valid state handicap permit, then they may park on the main campus regardless if they are parked in a handicap space.

The following passes carry no fee and are issued by the Parking Office. To obtain the pass, it must be approved by the parking office.

  • Vendor Passes: An individual or contractor for temporary parking for construction or service.
  • Service Passes: Are issued to university employees who are required to service different buildings on campus. In order to receive the Service Pass, the employee must have purchased a university parking permit (no exceptions).
  • Volunteer Passes: Are issued to individuals who volunteer their services to the university.