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  • Note: All  new students, faculty and staff who plan to park on campus must complete a Vehicle Registration Form.
  • Reminder: Please make sure you destroy your expired parking permit, so others can’t use it. However, if someone else uses your permit, you will be billed for all parking tickets issued with that permit number. The best solution is to return your expired permit when you pick up your new one.
  • Any vehicle parked on campus without a valid parking permit or pass is subjected to ticketing, booting and/or towing.

Purpose and Liability

The following regulations shall apply to all faculty, staff, students and visitors who operate a motor vehicle on Kentucky State University campus. These regulations are in compliance with city and state traffic regulations in as much as the powers and authority of the University Police Department are pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statutes 164.950 and 164.955. Cooperation adhering to these regulations is needed for the orderly movement of traffic, parking convenience, and the safety of the entire university community. These regulations exist to expedite the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space. The university assumes no responsibilities for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on university property. The university parking facilities are patrolled 24 hours a day by the police department. Failure of the university to strictly enforce any parking regulations shall not be construed as a waiver for the future enforcement of the regulations. It is not the policy of Kentucky State University to discriminate against any individual in its educational programs, activities or employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, veteran status, age, religion, or marital status.

  • Note: The regulations contained within this web section apply to all motor vehicles operating on the campus of Kentucky State University. These rules and regulations shall remain in effect until superseded. The parking rules and regulations listed in this web section are subjected to change without notice.

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