2013/2014 Officers

Chair:  Tucker Landy

Associate Professor of History of Culture, Whitney Young Honors Faculty, 127 Carver Hall

Phone: (502) 597-6596

E-mail: Tucker.landy@kysu.edu

Vice-Chair:  Catherine Vedder


Meeting Place: 413 Hathaway Hall

2012/2013 Completed action items

cc.12.13.01  cc.12.13.02 cc.12.13.03 cc.12.13.04 cc.12.13.05 cc.12.13.0708 cc.12.13.09 cc.12.13.09a cc.12.13.10a cc.12.13.10b cc12.13.11 cc.12.13.13 cc.12.13.14 cc.12.13.15 cc.12.13.16 cc.12.13.18 cc.12.13.19 cc.12.13.20 cc.12.13.21 cc.12.13.22  CC-12-13-25A cc.12.13.26 CC-12-13-28  cc.12.13.29 cc.12.13.30 cc.12.13.31 cc.12.13.32 cc.12.13.33 cc.12.13.34 cc.12.13.35 cc.12.13.36

2013/2014 Completed action items

CC-13-14-01 cc.13.14.03 cc.13.14.04 cc.13.14.06 cc13.14.10  cc13.14.14 cc.13.14.15 cc.13.14.16 cc.13.14.17 cc.13.14.18 cc.13.14.19 cc.13.14.20 cc.13.14.21

Forms for submission of action items: CC Tracking Document    CC.Course Change Proposal.2006   CC.Graduate Program Change Tracking Document 2006    CC.New Course Proposal Form 2006   CC.Program Change Form 2006   Curriculum Committee Instructions revised 8-07

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